Annual Report 2014 /15

Umeed Annual Report 2014 / 2015



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July Update 2014

Dear Friends,

1. Stuart’s sponsored events

stuartStuart Elliott, an athletic member of the Umeed Committee, will be running in two mountain races shortly and he has very generously offered that all sponsorship raised will be donated to the Umeed Project:

19th July  Snowdon Race

25th October Snowdonia Marathon

…… and in 2015 he will be doing something even more crazy – just  watch this space!

To donate go to the Umeed website, click on the Justgiving link icon and follow the instructions – EASY!  Please do this – it only takes 5 minutes and is, of course,  a very worthy cause.

2.  News from the Project in Pakistan

Welcome to Mr Victor John, recently appointed by Umeed to supervise examinations at both Emma Marchant Middle Schools.
At the end of May students and staff of both Schools participated in a Study Tour of Bahawalpur. For these people this was a life-changing experience to sample life in a city, most of whom had never had the opportunity of leaving their villages.
A two-week summer camp followed in June to provide additional coaching in Maths and English; art, poetry & debating competitions were entered enthusiastically; also a sports festival.
Interactive theatre performances for 600+ women were devised and presented in June by the students of the Adult Literacy Programme and focussed in particular on women’s rights and exploitation of vulnerable women.

3. Administration

This is the boring (but necessary) bit. The Umeed AGM was held on 4 June. The Officers, Committee Members, Professional Examiner of Accounts and Trustees were elected. However, the post of Secretary has yet to be filled; it’s very easy. Expressions of interest – please contact me.

umeedgirlsThe minutes of the AGM and the Chair’s Annual Report are to be found on the Umeed website.
So, many thanks to you for your unfailing support of the Umeed Project. Please remember –

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world” – Malala Yousufzai


JOHN (Perkins)                                                                 8 July 2014
Chair, Umeed Partnership (UK)

Annual Report 2014

Report to AGM from the Umeed Project in Pakistan June 2014

Pakistan JanFeb 2014 041Dear Friends at AGM here are some Important Events and Activities took place during 2013 – 2014:
Dr. John Perkins chairperson Umeed UK visited the Umeed project in Pakistan in the beginning of 2014. During his visit Dr. John Perkins graced two ceremonies of naming and dedicating Umeed Middle Schools in the memory of his beloved daughter Emma Marchant. During the ceremony at EMUMS 18/BC he enjoyed a play on Emma’s life history performed by the students. At this occasion he donated GBP 2320 for both the schools for their electrification, sound system, reading material, uniforms etc. Both the schools are grateful to him for this handsome money. He also inspected the development taken place at both the schools. During the ceremonies he distributed Emma Marchant Award 2014 among those who have served or are serving Umeed Partnership Pakistan.

While in Pakistan Dr. John Perkins inaugurated Umeed adult literacy centres in Lahore, Mian Chanu, Bahwalpur and Yazman and visited Umeed embroidery and sewing centres at different places.

Pakistan JanFeb 2014 039In the beginning of 2014 Umeed Partnership Pakistan drew a contract with the Pakistan Bible Society for the period of three years to run Adult Education Centres for women providing basic literacy and numeracy skills. There are 70 adult literacy centres functioning at Lahore 20, Mian Chanu 20, Bahawalpur 10 and Yazman 20 catering 1760 women/girls students taught by 70 female teachers and supervised by 7 supervisors. During 3 year period there will be 6 batches, each batch will be of 6 months. The first batch with 70 centres will be completed at the end of August 2014 and the certificate awarding ceremony will be held in the first week of September 2014. The second batch of adult literacy centres will begin on 1st September 2014.

Pakistan JanFeb 2014 068The international day of women was celebrated on 8th March at Dallu Kalan Lahore with more than 100 Umeed women beneficiaries. After the input talks by the speakers on how to promote women’s rights a rally was taken out by women participants into the streets carrying banners and charts with different slogans demanding for their rights. In the same week the international day of women was celebrated at Yazman with more than 200 Umeed women beneficiaries. After two hours seminar a rally was taken out by women participants into the streets carrying banners and charts with different slogans demanding for their rights. It was a great enjoyable event for women.

In Lahore, Yazman, Bahawalpur and Loralai Umeed formed Women Rights Committees who would work for their rights in their own environment. Each committee consists of ten women with a leader who would meet every month to report back to Umeed Partnership about their human rights situation in their areas. These committees will work closely with Umeed to promote women human rights (social, economic, political, domestic, religious, personal etc) in their regions.

One day seminar was conducted on “Promoting Women’s Human Rights by empowering Civil Society Organizations” on Friday March 14, 2014 at Oriental Restaurant Bahawalpur. It was a training seminar for NGOs personnel preparing them to become focal partners of Umeed to promote women’s human rights in their own respective organizations. From 6 NGOs of district Bahawalpur 21 members participated in the training session. The seminar was conducted in Bahawalpur since in the southern Punjab women are the worst hit.

On 5th April 2014, at Waseela Development Organization Loralai, UPP conducted one day seminar on women rights, the topic of the seminar was “Promoting women human rights by empowering civil society organizations”. The seminar was attended by 22 participants from different NGO and organizations.

On 3rd May 2014 one day workshop was held at the centres of Caritas Pakistan Lahore organized by Umeed Partnership Pakistan which was attended by 19 participants from eight different women organizations including speakers and organizers under the title of “Promoting Women Human Rights by Empowering Civil Society Organizations.”

On 1st November 2013 the administration of UPP (Yousuf Gill, Shamin Gulzar, Naveed Daniel and Azim Gill) met with the administration of The International School of Choueifat Lahore to discuss the possibility to open up a school in the slum areas of Lahore. The administration of the school agreed to finalize and start the school in the beginning of 2015. If this project get realized it would be third Emma Marchant Umeed Middle School in Pakistan.

During the month of November 2013 in view of starting a school for the children of slum areas of Lahore a slum called Rasoolpura Near Johar Town Lahore was selected for this initiative. To know the situation of education among the children of this slum a House Hold Survey was carried out by Umeed Team. In this survey 250 households were covered. The survey was tabulated and the outcome of the survey was handed over to The International School of Choueifat Lahore.

On 2nd December guests from the Netherlands visited the UPP head office in Lahore. They also visited the Umeed skill training centres in slum areas of Lahore. They were very impressed with the Umeed project and showed a special interest in the women’s education and vocational training programmes offered by Umeed.

On 26th November 2013 the administration of UPP visited Akhuwat Head Office in Lahore to see the possibility of getting some local funding. Akhuwat is a nonprofit organization deals in small loan projects. Akhuwat is solely funded by Lend with Care UK based donor organisation.

On 19th February 2014 Umeed office staff visited the Head office of Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) the Organization who strengthens and supports community, as well as public institutions for achieving and protecting basic human rights. SPO works in 77 districts across four provinces in Pakistan. The purpose of the visit was to get some local funding.

Pakistan JanFeb 2014 035The skill training centres (6 embroidery centres in Bahwalpur/Yazman, 2 in Lahore, 2 Loralai and 2 sewing/tailoring centres in Lahore) will be completing their training towards the end of October 2014 and will be getting certificates in the first week of November 2014. The new centres will begin from 1st November 2014.

Through Dr. John Perkins’ hard work we received GBP 6551= Rs.1,052,090 from Just Trust for the re-development of EMUM School at 52/DB Yazman. The re-development work is in progress and as soon we complete the work we shall send the narrative and financial report to the donor agency through Umeed UK. Thanks to John and the donor agency for this generous financial help.

The sad news about Marian’s death had been circulated among all the beneficiaries of Umeed who send their condolences to the grieved family especially to Rev. Clive and Rev. Catherine to whom some of them know personally. They are all praying for the repose of the soul of Marian and for the peace and comfort to the grieved family. Dear Rev. Clive be sure we are all with you at this time of sorrow and difficulty.
Umeed Partnership Pakistan is grateful to all the donors, benefactors, friends, committee members, Umeed trustees, different institutions and families who helped us during this year to carry on the project successfully with their financial support, prayers and through other different ways. Your support goes a long way in Pakistan changing the lives of many people every year. May God reward you abundantly. We are so proud of Dr. John Perkins a man with full dedication, commitment and vision for promoting the cause of the poor in Pakistan. A daring man who in spite of the negative image of Pakistan opted to visit the Umeed project in Pakistan in the beginning of this year. We salute to his courage.
Dear friends at AGM and Umeed Committee Meeting I wish you all the best for these very important events. The outcome of these meetings would reflect the future of the organization. God bless and best regards.

Yousuf Gill
Coordinator – UPP

Annual General Meeting – 2014

The Umeed Partnership Annual General Meeting will be held in St Mary’s Church, Menai Bridge (opposite Waitrose), Anglesey at 19.30 on Wednesday 4 June 2014. Business to be transacted will include the election of the four officers, and up to eight other Committee members, also the approval of the accounts for the 2013/14 financial


Please contact John Perkins for more information (


Grant awarded

NSC-grantUmeed (UK) is pleased to announce the award of a grant of £6566 by the Network for Social Change <

to fund the costs of improvements to the two Umeed Schools in the Bahawalpur region. Items covered are: construction of toilets; electric water pumps; classroom furniture; computers; text books; and school uniforms. Many thanks to the Sponsor, the Network for Social Change and all those individuals for their faith in, & support for, this worthy project. A final report is to be submitted to the Sponsor within 6 months of the start.