Meeting Nov 2013

Umeed Partnership (UK)
Committee Meeting
Date: 14 November 2013

Present: John Perkins (Chair), Neil Evans, Miriam Isherwood, Ged Sanders, Clive Southerton,

Apologies: Stuart Elliott, Renee Taylor, Mieko Yamaguchi


The minutes of the meeting held on 18 September 2013 were confirmed.


With reference to:

minute 2 (BP2) it was reported that Fr Ramsey had agreed to support the bid made by Umeed for a grant

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to Survive-MIVA (a Catholic charitable body) to purchase a project vehicle for which John had produced a very strong letter of support. Although Yousuf had spent many hours preparing the application, in the event it was not sent to Survive-MIVA by Fr Ramsey due to health reasons. (See also minute 4 below).

minute 5, it was reported that Mieko had confirmed that she was on the point of submitting the Gift-Aid claim for 2012/13. It was recalled that the Gift Aid rebate would be used to pay off a proportion of the loan made to UP(UK) in 2010. MY

minute 8, it was reported that the Umeed Project had been afforded full exposure as part of the World Mission Group presence at the Bangor Diocesan Conference held in Bangor Cathedral on 5 October.


The Income & Expenditure account for April to November 2013 was presented to the Committee by Ged. A copy of this document, signed off by the Chair, is appended to the official copy of these minutes. The accounts showed year-on-year level funding. All money raised and donated was being transferred to UPP in Lahore. All costs incurred by UP(UK) activities and administration were being absorbed by officers of the Committee.

It was noted that, although UP(UK) was not now required by the Charity Commission to present formally audited accounts due to its relatively low annual turnover, it would nevertheless be regarded as best practice to have the accounts verified by an Independent Examiner. Ged agreed to identify a suitable person to undertake this work after the end of the 2013/14 financial year.


With reference to minute 2 (BP1) above, Yousuf has requested help to purchase a new project vehicle to replace the inappropriate city car currently being used for long and tortuous journeys on Umeed business. The current vehicle has come to the end of the road in every sense. It has been learned that the most obvious organisation, Survive-MIVA, would be most unlikely to support a bid from a non-Catholic organisation due to the sheer volume of requests which far outstrips the money available. Miriam agreed to look into philanthropic individuals and organisations which might consider this request sympathetically. MI



John reported that he would be making a privately-funded visit to Pakistan on 21 January 2014 during which he would be observing the Umeed activities and satisfying the Committee that funds raised in the UK are being used in accordance with the Umeed constitution. John would also attend a ceremony at which the two Umeed Middle Schools would be dedicated to the memory of his daughter, Emma, and named “The Emma Marchant Umeed Middle Schools” (EMUMS). JCTP

It was suggested that John should present something of lasting value to the schools at the ceremony (e.g. playground equipment), but only if a new source of funds could be found. Yousuf should be consulted on this matter. JCTP

Useful publicity for Umeed could be generated following the visit, particularly if Emma’s former School (Ysgol David Hughes in Menai Bridge) could be involved. However, it may be wise to keep the arrangements for the visit at low profile until John has returned. Clive agreed to use his media connections to report on the ceremony in the NE Wales region. PCS


Following the intense interest in women’s education in Pakistan generated by Malala Yousufzai, it was recognised that Umeed was doing precisely what Malala was campaigning for. With this in mind, John contacted Mishal Husain, the presenter of the BBC1 Today programme and also the Principal of Atlantic College in south Wales where two of Malala’s peers had recently registered and from whom a positive response had been received.


Clive reported that the Santa Run planned for the end of November could not be held this year. It was felt that in its traditional format, the concept of the Santa Run has been outpaced by other types of event. Clive agreed to convene a meeting with Stuart and Tracey Vincent at PrestatynHigh School with a view to organising a “Onesie Walk” whereby individuals would register for and pay for the event through Umeed and gain sponsorship for a charity of their own choice (which could be Umeed). An alternative would be an “It’s a Knockout” style event. It was envisaged that such an event should be held in early May next year. PCS and SE


It was agreed to ask Stuart to add a few relevant images to the Home page of the web-site. John hoped to have a new series of pictures following his visit to Pakistan in January.

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The next meeting to be held at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 12 February 2014 in the Committee Room of St Mary’s Church, Menai Bridge. John to book and confirm. JCTP