Minutes March 2014

Umeed Partnership (UK)

Committee Meeting

Date: 19 March 2014

Present: John Perkins (Chair), John Butler, Stuart Elliott, Neil Evans, Miriam Isherwood, Ged Sanders, Clive Southerton, Mieko Yamaguchi

Apologies: Renee Taylor


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The minutes of the meeting held on 14 November 2013 were confirmed. No meeting was held on 12 February, as planned, due to adverse weather conditions.

2. MATTERS ARISING With reference to: minute 2 (BP1) John (Butler) reported that he had recently spoken to Fr Ramsey who was willing to re-start his quest for funds for a replacement vehicle for the Umeed Project. John (Perkins) agreed to follow this up. It was recalled that Fr Ramsey had agreed to support the bid made by Umeed for a grant to Survive-MIVA (a Catholic charitable body) to purchase a project vehicle for which the Chair had produced a very strong letter of support. Although Yousuf had spent many hours preparing the application, in the event it was not sent to Survive-MIVA by Fr Ramsey due to health reasons. JCTP

minute 2 (BP2), it was reported that the Gift-Aid claim had been successful and that £697 had been received from HMRC. In accordance with earlier decisions (24 October 2012 & 3 June 2013) this was sent as partial repayment of loans. minute 3, Ged had identified a suitable person to act as an Independent Examiner to confirm the veracity of the 2013/2014 accounts.

GS Minute 7, it was agreed that Stuart and Clive should meet Tracy Vincent at PHS to organise a fund-raising event, possibly a Onesie Walk or an It’s a Knockout-style event early in the Summer Term. PCS/SE/TV


3. FINANCIAL REPORT The Income & Expenditure account for 1 April 2013 to 18 March 2014 was presented to the Committee by Ged. The accounts showed year-on-year level funding. All money raised and donated was being transferred to UPP in Lahore. Costs incurred by UP(UK) activities and administration were being absorbed by officers of the Committee. It was agreed that £200 which had accumulated in the OED account should be transferred to the Umeed General account and sent to the Project with the next regular tranche. JCTP

4. CHAIR’S BUSINESS (a) Dedication of Umeed Middle Schools John reported that he had made a privately-funded visit to the Umeed Project in February this year. The purpose was two-fold – firstly to monitor the spending of funds sent to the Project by UP(UK) to ensure that the spending is in accordance with the Constitution of the Umeed Partnership; and secondly to attend ceremonies at which the two Umeed Middle Schools were dedicated to the memory of Emma Marchant, John’s daughter. Prior to the visit, John had made a special appeal locally for donations to purchase something of lasting value to the Schools and had raised £2310 in a week. John announced at the ceremonies that using this donation, each School would be connected to the mains electricity supply, given a full sound system and supplied with educational materials. (b) Pakistan Bible Society John reported that the Pakistan Bible Society had funded a three-year Partnership Project with Umeed to establish 70 Adult Education Centres and that he had inaugurated seven of these during his visit. (c) Network for Social Change A grant of £6,566 has just been awarded to the Umeed Project by the Network for Social Change to facilitate the redevelopment of Umeed Middle School in DB52 (Yazman). A final report is to be submitted within 6 months of the start (13 September 2014). It was agreed that a letter of appreciation should be sent to the NSC. JCTP

5. GIFT AID CLAIM Mieko confirmed that she would be preparing for the 2013/14 Gift-Aid claim after 1 April by which time John would have clarified some postal addresses and postcodes of donors. MY/JCTP

6. WEBSITE Stuart agreed to add a few relevant images to the Home page of the web-site using images obtained during the recent visit. He noted that there was more activity on the Umeed Facebook pages than on the Umeed website and he felt that we should be more creative in our use of F/B, by creating links between north Wales Schools and Umeed Schools. John agreed to look into it.SE

7. THANKS John expressed the appreciation of the Umeed Partnership to Ged, Mieko and Stuart for their work on the accounts, the Gift-Aid claim and the website respectively. Thanks also to Miriam for her internet quest for possible donors.

8. NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be the Annual General Meeting. This will

be held at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 4 June 2014 in St Mary’s Church, Menai Bridge.