Minutes of the Executive Committee – 16 January 2013

 Present:         John Perkins (Chair), Clive Southerton, Neil Evans, Ruth Goggin

 Apologies:     Stuart Elliott, John Butler, Renee Taylor, Ged Sanders

1.        MINUTES

[1]       The minutes of the meeting held on 24th October 2012 were confirmed.

 [2]       With reference to Minute 2 it was reported that Yousuf had explored potential links with  DFID, Lions and Soroptimists inPakistan, but with little success.

 [3]       With reference to Minute 3 (financial report):  John reported that he had contacted Triodos           Bank, and Stuart had contacted the Co-op Bank. It was felt that at the moment it would be         best to continue with the existing arrangements for which international charges and        individual transactions were significantly lower, this being an important consideration for a small organisation such as Umeed. However, further enquiries would be made to   find a more competitive ethical banking option.

 [4]       With reference to Minute 4 (fundraising event), John Butler had reported that he had         contacted the Anglesey Peace Group who would be willing to hold a fundraising event for    Umeed at some point.


 John reported that Yousuf’s report on current Umeed activities was very positive.  Work was currently being carried out on the 2nd school to bring the amenities up to date. 

 It was also reported that Yousuf was suggesting that due to the current political difficulties inPakistanit would not be safe for anyone to travel to visit Umeed projects at the moment.

 Clive suggested that it would be useful for him and John to meet with Father Charles Ramsey to enquire about further support for Umeed.

 John reported that there was currently £1205 in the General Account. It was agreed that £1000 should be transferred to the project. A further £1000+ was now in the OED Account and that total monthly contributions through Direct Debits into the General and the OED accounts were currently amounting to £355. Since the last meeting the project had received a £1000 cheque from St Andrew’s churchBedford, £99.05 from theMethodistChurchin Conwy and two donations – one for £50 and one for £25.


 The next meeting would hopefully be held in early April and would combine the AGM and Committee meeting.  The meeting would be held in the Talking Newspaper venue in Prestatyn.

Ruth would circulate members for a convenient date.