Umeed Partnership Update : November 2012

Dear Friends,

Malala Yousufzai shot for craving an education

Recent news of the appalling shooting of Malala Yousufzai as punishment for her demand for education for girls in Pakistan has brought the situation of women in that country into sharp focus. In an overwhelmingly male-dominated society, women are denied basic human rights as we would understand them. Malala believes that only through education can women and girls achieve equality with men in their society. This has been precisely the mission of the Umeed Partnership over the last 12 years, and there is ample proof of this in the communities where Umeed has been working.

Malala has paid a high price for her craving for an education, but thanks to the skills of doctors it seems likely that she will be able to realise her dream of receiving an education. This dreadful event is surely a turning point for Pakistan. I’m so pleased that people across north Wales and beyond are doing their bit to support this cause of empowerment for

women through the Umeed Partnership. Thank you! With the support of Umeed and similar organisations, Malala’s suffering will not have been in vain.


Local support for Umeed School

Bangor Rotary Club and various sources in Prestatyn have between them donated £2600 this month towards the redevelopment of one of the Umeed Middle Schools in the Cholistan Desert in southern Punjab. This will cover much of the cost of sanitation; latrines; drinking water; security measures; IT equipment; school uniforms and teaching aids. Our money goes a long way in rural Pakistan! It really does make a difference to the communities served by Umeed.

In the meantime, other Umeed activities continue to provide opportunities for girls and women of all cultures and faiths in Pakistan.

Best wishes and many thanks for your continued support for the Umeed Project in whatever form it takes.


John Perkins
Chair, Umeed Partnership (UK)