Umeed Update – Malala’s progress

Dear Friends,

Despite negative media reports, life for most Pakistancitizens remains unaffected by recent high profile events, and this is certainly true for the activities of the Umeed Partnership.

Umeed Middle School re-development

Yousuf Gill, the Project Co-ordinator, reports that re-development of Umeed Middle School at Minority Community DB52 Yazman is a work in progress. UPP has received generous donations by UK supporters to cover costs of the following:

  • Construction of two new class rooms
  • Renovation of old class room: plastering walls, flooring, roofing and painting.
  • Stage for students’ assembly and for community functions.
  • Main steel gate for security
  • Toilet (with septic tank) for staff and students
  • Hand pump installation for potable water
  • Renovation of boundary wall, levelling the ground and planting trees.

Yousuf, the Project Co-ordinator, will keep us informed of progress and when the redeveloped school will be commissioned.


In addition to funds to cover the costs of core Umeed  activities, the Umeed Partnership in Pakistan is now looking for additional resources to purchase a pre-owned vehicle to replace the aged Mehran citycar. This vehicle is now well-deserving of retirement, having spent the last five years thrashing between Lahore and the Cholistan Desert.  A reliable vehicle is essential for the Umeed activities and it goes without saying that we would be delighted to receive donations, however small, towards a replacement.


AGM of the Umeed Partnership (UK)

 This will be held at 7.45 pm on Wednesday 17 April in the Church Hall, off High Street, Prestatyn,Denbighshire,LL19 9AH.  It would be wonderful to have a good turnout!


Malala’s progress

 Nobel peace prize nominee Malala Yousufzai, 15, describes her return to school as the most important day of her life.


 Malala, who was shot for her campaign for education for women in Pakistan, is making an amazing recovery. She has now started school in Birminghamand unbelievably has signed a contract for her forthcoming book – I am Malala – to be published in the autumn.  As I’ve reported before, the mission of the Umeed Partnership is precisely what Malala is campaigning for.  I cannot imagine a more worthy international cause – education for girls and hence empowerment of women inPakistan (and elsewhere).

Many thanks to everyone for their support of the Umeed Project.

(Dr) JOHN  (Perkins)                                                                            3 April 2013

 Chair, Umeed Partnership (UK)

01248 712389; 07547 730 495